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Nepal still in ruins

Two years after the earthquake in Nepal 800.000 buildings are still in ruins. Watch the unique 360-video documentation of how the people try to rebuild their lives from a life in tents and temporary shelters.

The earthquake in Nepal 2015 killed nearly 9.000 people and destroyed more than 800.000 buildings. Two years later more than half a million families have to spend another winter in tents, corrugated metal structures and other temorary shelters.

Despite a large committement of international aid, the rebuilding of houses and local schools has been slow.

With the monsoon rains set to begin in a few weeks, the frustration is mounting for ordinary people who have been living in limbo for longer than anyone expected.

Fifteen-year-old Barmai Tamang´s family house was destryed in the earthquake. She was in the forest, picking berries. Luckely for Barmai, and millions of other Nepali children, the main tremor happened on a Saturday, late in the morning. It´s the one day Nepali children don´t go to school. Some 8.000 schools were damaged – many of them, like Barmai´s, were completly destoyed – but the death toll could have been much higher.

In this 360- degree video, the Nepalese journalist Bhrikuti Rai and the photoghrapher Bikram Rai, take you to the mountains of Sindhupaichuk and the busting streets of Katmandu to explore what it´s like for the tens of thousands of shool children trying to continue their education in temporary classrooms and to rebuild their lives from temporary shelters.

The video was produced as a cooperation between OneWorld and Blankspot.